Summertime Dishes!

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VALUES: summertime dishes

Cherry season is here! Now that summer has arrived, these gorgeous red berries are ready to add a pop of color to our gourmet dishes. Treat your taste buds at the Grande Maison Younan Collection’s restaurants, with summer berries, melons, tomatoes and peppers all on the menu.

Blue skies, sunshine and bird song: summer is definitely here, along with an array of colorful fruit and vegetables. Beautifully fragrant and flavorsome, bursting with sunshine and vitamins, these delicious ingredients are to be found at every market stall.

VALUES: summertime dishesOn the menu at the Louis XIII restaurant at the Château de Beauvois,

enjoy a taste of melon in three acts: a fruit brochette, a granita with Vouvray and a jelly with passion berries. A trio of textures – a triple delight. The summer staples of basil, peppers and broccoli combine perfectly with pearly white sea bass. And for dessert? Red is the on-trend color this season with strawberries served alongside shortbread biscuits and melon sorbet. Tickle your taste buds with another shade of red: the gentle tart flavor of raspberries with a pistachio dacquoise, chocolate cream with green tea and pink grapefruit sorbet. Anyone who loves soft summer fruit will find just what they are looking for with the “Fruits Rouges” menu which features strawberries, raspberries and redcurrants in all their splendor, from the starter to the dessert.

At Le Logis, the Hotel Saint Martin’s restaurant,

the incredibly fragrant combination of melon and watermelon is the perfect way to start your meal. The summer flavors don’t stop there: a delicate scabbardfish roulé is served with summer vegetables, sundried tomatoes, peppers and courgettes for a fantastic flavor. Strawberries add a touch of sweetness to the fraisier-inspired macaron, while apricots are combined with rosemary for a perfectly balanced sorbet, served with a praline feuilleté.

VALUES: summertime dishesAt the Château Le Prieuré, close to Saumur,

the gourmet restaurant Le Castellane is keen to welcome summer with a wickedly tasty sweet/savory sesame-roasted duckling fillet served with aubergines, raspberries and tarragon. For something sweet, tuck in to the vanilla/strawberry vacherin, finished off to perfection with fresh peppermint and the spicy, robust flavor of tonka beans. Pay homage to Anjou by choosing cherries poached in guignolet, a local wild cherry liqueur, served with almond sorbet and fresh caillé de brebis cheese.

The Grande Maison Younan Collection’s restaurants have some of the most colorful menus around this season! Red, pink, orange: a range of dishes in sunny shades for an utterly delicious taste of summer!

Bon appétit.

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