Truffle, the black pearl of french gastronomy

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La Truffe au Castellane

French art of living and gastronomy are very much in love. Inseparable tandem, they enhance each other to make you want the same again. Among the emblematic products of French culinary heritage, truffle holds a very particular place. Le Prieuré castle puts it in the spotlight until the end of the season through an exceptional menu.

« Diamond of cooking ». Magistrate and gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin took a haughty tone when it is about to talk of the black pearl. Yet famous since Antiquity, it is under author’s pen of “La physiologie du gout” (Physiology of taste) that the tuber achieves recognition to then invite itself to princely tables of Europe. From November to late march for the good seasons, truffle pleases the palates of every gourmet, but it’s after January frost that she released its entire flavor. An unrivaled smell of undergrowth, soil and humus, almost overpowering for those who can appreciate it, a finely peppery flavor, truffle has this little perfume of paradise that makes great dishes.

Rare, exceptional quality when it comes from Périgord, the black pearl invites itself currently in the Castellane for a unique menu. From starter to dessert, the diamond celebrates and opens the festivities, associated with tepid and runny yolk of an organic egg. It is then the langoustine from Scotland that accompanies the black nugget and underlines its spicy character with a hint of cilantro. In a bouillon of musky gourd, the scallop and truffle sink together, twisted by the pep of mandarin. With the pigeon and its stew sauce, truffle comes back to its earthy side and finds in heliantis, a root vegetable companion for a very accurate association. When it comes to dessert, it is with candied peer and its brown sugar biscuit with notes of cinnamon and vanilla that truffle finds the perfect match.

Through dishes and blend of taste, truffle reveals all its flavors, intoxicates palate of every gourmet in a gastronomic sheet music, to be enjoyed without moderation in Le Prieuré castle.

Menu « Around truffle » : 75€/person, drinks not included.

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