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The locations are beautiful, the furnishings are exquisite and the food is extraordinary. But the mark of a great vacation experience often is judged by the service. The Younan Collection hotels work on every aspect of the experience of a castle. In addition to maintaining surroundings that respect history while adding 21st century amenities that offer comfort and well-being, the Brand also hires and trains its staff to provide the level of service that Kings and Queens once enjoyed.

Each of the Younan Collection hotel teams work tirelessly to deliver a warm and convivial style of service that is unique to the Brand and is delivered with effortless grace.

Indeed, recruitment of the service teams is based on the experience of the candidates but also on their passion for work and their love for history and sites.

All staff receives extensive training before they are face-to-face with their customers. As part of the training curriculum, they work in pairs for at least two weeks and learn every aspect of each job at the hotel; from the first greeting at reception, to food and bar service, room service, concierge and the standards applied to each guest room. In this way, team spirit is developed and different services come to each other’s aid if needed, always with the aim of exceeding customer satisfaction.

New team members are invited to discover the region to be able to inform every guest of the richness of the local area. They also are instructed to fully understand the norms and preferences of the each guests’ culture in order better connect in a sensitive and professional manner.

This training creates a warm and convivial style that encourages interaction, always with a high sense for perfection in every detail. Our establishments cultivate closeness with our guests while simultaneously maintaining a sense of respect and dignity that is a hallmark of four and five star hotels. A stay in a Younan Collection hotel castle is a guarantee that our staff will be at your service 24 hours a day… just as Kings and Queens in their time.

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