The Château de Beauvois

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Château de Beauvois

Built in the 15th century, this very attractive castle-hotel is located in the west of the city of Tours, in the heart of King’s valley, close to the vineyards of Bourgueil, Saumur and Chinon. Renowned for its beauty and surrounded by 99 acres of park in front of Lake Briffaut, it is regarded as “nature’s kingdom” in Domaine de Beauvois.

This impressive seigneurial abode is recognized for a big round towers connecting two sections of the castle. It previously was called “Château de Beauvais” or “the castle of beautiful valley”. In the 17th century, it was frequented by King Louis XIII. Indeed, the castle was acquired in 1619 by the Duke Charles Albert de Luynes who was close to the Sovereign of France. The legend tells that King loved to hunt waterfowl, which populated Lake Briffaut.

In 1696, Emmanuel Roujou, counselor and secretary of King Louis XIV, became owner of the castle and later sold it to the “De la Béraudière” family in 1789. During the heart of the French Revolution (1789-1799), soldiers received the order to destroy two towers of the Castle. Fortunately, one of them escaped the destruction and stands proudly today.

More recently in 1966, René Traversac, acquired the domain, and renamed the castle “Domaine de Beauvois”, to avoid confusion with the town of Beauvais.

It entered the Younan Collection in the summer 2016. The company was attracted to its opulence and beauty, as well as historical significance to France.

A whole renovation of the interior and exterior is being completed in the tradition of 4-Star luxury hotels. The interior lobby, hallways and restaurant have been completely renovated incorporating sumptuous fabrics, crystal chandeliers, new furniture and priceless antiques. Each of the 36 guest rooms is being upgraded with its own unique design, furniture and fabrication. In early spring, the exterior amenities will be renovated including the pool and the tennis court. The castle also will feature a new spa, a sport room and a formal garden “Jardin à la française”.

In late 2016, the restaurant Louis XIII and its kitchen, was renovated under the direction of Chef Régis Guilpain. It looks forward to acquiring its first Michelin star soon.

The service team at Beauvois is widely recognized for its personal attention to each guest. It is experienced in planning weddings, seminars and meetings as well as organizing tours and day adventures according to wishes of the guests.

Hotel Château de Beauvois Acquired By La Grande Maison Younan Collection

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