Spices and citrus fruits

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Epices et Agrumes

Stars of the winter that stands prominently on stalls, citrus fruits and spices are gems with thousands properties. True boosters for your energy, full of vitamins and delicious perfumes, they invites currently on the menu of restaurant Louis XIII. A menu high in colors and in taste, to be enjoyed with the tip of your fork.

Oranges, lemons, clementines, their bright colors comes to reawake plates and their pep to tickle taste buds. Unmissable healthy food, great source of vitamin C and concentrated in antioxidant, they are overflowed with benefits but specially seduce with their sweet acidity that suits salty and sugary harmonies. In the citrus family, citrons, pomelos, grapefruits, kumquats, yuzus, combavas, bergamots and other limes can be tasted in juice, zest, fresh or candied for a nice note of exoticism. Married with spices, they multiply their benefits and open up to delicious associations. Clove, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg are in unison with oranges and spread comfortable warmth. Cardamom, star anise and ginger play the freshness card for a beautiful explosion in your mouth. As for Timut pepper, he surfs on an all-in-one wave! With its astonishing flavors of pink grapefruit, the little berry offers great culinary perspectives.

From february 1st to march 31st
, spices and citrus fruits have the place of honor in Louis XIII restaurant through a dedicated menu. From the starter, taste buds will have to decide: unique flavor of combava in an aerial fritter of crab brandade and pumpkin cappuccino with Espelette pepper or the freshness a citrus jelly accompanied with a salmon rillettes maki and shoots with a curry vinaigrette. For the main course, pepper do his little number in a controlled act between fruity flavors and hot notes : the Timut berry has a crush for the scallop and its citrus risotto while Sichuan pepper court the duckling fillet à l’orange. Then comes desserts but still with spices and citrus fruits. Rather lemon and ginger in a financier to accompany an ultra-fresh citrus soup, or rather star anise and orange that exalt a comforting bread pudding and its smooth custard ? In both case, your taste buds will certainly be impressed !

All flavored gastronomy and colorful plates, spices and citrus fruits have all the argument to enchante you. To be discovered without further delay in Beauvois castle.

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