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Menu Séminaire

The professional event season of seminars and conventions is in full swing and the châteaux of the Grande Maison Younan Collection have the perfect menus for your event. Lunchtime is the ideal opportunity to enjoy a break and discover truly delicious cuisine; the Grande Maison Younan Collection has a wide range of options for this sociable occasion.



Just a few kilometers from Niort, in extensive tree-filled grounds, the beautiful Hôtel Saint-Martin turns hospitality into an art. Enjoy a warm welcome and incredible cuisine with its “Plaisir” and “Gourmand” menus during your professional events. The hotel’s talented chef uses beautifully fresh, local and seasonal products to create generous, elegant dishes with a traditional French touch. Between the soft-boiled egg served with pan-fried mushrooms and parmesan cream and the sweet and savory flavors of foie gras mi-cuit, poached pear, port jelly and gingerbread, making your choice will be the hardest part of the day. Whether you opt for subtly flavored meat or expertly cooked fish, main courses combine textures and flavors to delight the taste buds. And for dessert? Chocolate is paired with refreshing mint; luscious figs are presented in a tart: endless mouth-watering options.

Near Saumur, the Château Le Prieuré, an architectural gem which dates back to the Renaissance, is preparing for the holiday season. Chef Richard Prouteau has come up with a sophisticated and creative menu which showcases local products, perfect for celebrating the holiday season with your colleagues. As a starter, try a poached organic egg with a perfectly runny yolk, along with small cubes of spicy chorizo and a heavenly velvety cauliflower cream. From pollock to veal, monkfish to beef cheeks, main courses are served with slow-cooked or confit seasonal vegetables for a deliciously comforting combination. A range of mature cheese is served, paving the way for dessert. With its opaline caramel, the lemon zest crème brûlée goes perfectly with refreshing basil sorbet. A different choice for a different sensation: chocolate in all its forms.

Near Tours, a majestic avenue of oak trees guides guests towards the impressive Château de Beauvois. On a small headland which further enhances the château’s prestige, this fifteenth-century building overlooks the Loire river. Chef Régis Guilpain turns traditional French cuisine into an art. As a starter, scallops are lined up on beautifully presented skewers with crispy bacon and a creamy duo of lentils and parmesan. Textures and flavors are perfectly combined. When it comes to the main course, there are five options, starting with chicken breast. Apricot and sage are used to create tasty stuffing while crushed potatoes and caramelized endives add a seasonal touch to the dish. For dessert, apple, quince and cinnamon crumble provides a comforting tribute to winter fruits, served with a beautifully tangy green apple and rosemary sorbet for a fiendishly delicious combination of temperatures.

Next to the Avrillé Golf Club near Angers, the Château de la Perrière boasts an exceptional restaurant which makes this seventeenth-century gem all the more appealing. The ideal venue for organizing events, the Château has an elegant restaurant which serves dishes paying tribute to the very best of French cooking with its “Classique” and “Élégance” seminar menus. Gouline, a pie filled with mushrooms and pork belly and one of Angers’ culinary specialties, can be enjoyed with a smooth beef jus made with Saumur wine. Another option: the cold lobster consommé for a fresh, subtle flavor with delicate notes of lemongrass and fennel. Poached bass, roast duckling, suckling pig ham and Charolais sirloin steak: the combination of textures and flavors creates beautifully colorful dishes. A wide range of cheeses is available and then it’s time for dessert. The gianduja and tonka bean semifreddo is a delicious dish with delicately spiced and frozen chocolate and praline flavors and a pleasingly crunchy caramelized arlette biscuit. With fresh citrus flavors and Timut pepper meringue, the tartness of the fruit combined with Timut pepper’s grapefruit notes creates the perfect balance with the sweet meringue.

Hôtel Saint-Martin:

“Plaisir” menu, €25/person, “Gourmand” menu, €36/person. Booking required: +33 5 49 05 58 68

Château Le Prieuré:

4-course seminar menu, €40/person excluding drinks, €53 including drinks. Single menu for all guests, valid from November to December, booking required: +33 2 41 67 90 14

Château de Beauvois:

Seminar and tourist group menu, valid from 15 October 2018 to 31 March 2019. Single menu for all guests, booking required: +33 2 47 55 50 11

Château de la Perrière:

“Classique” seminar menu and “Elégance” seminar menu. Single menu served to all guests, booking required: +33 2 41 27 37 47

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