Restore and Conserve: A Younan Collection Heritage

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Now composed of five castles, the Younan Collection brand is identified by its passion for history and its commitment to restore luxurious castle life for new generations of guests.

The Collection follows a process that begins with the identification of historic monuments. The group uncovers the history of each castle, its importance to the region, and the owners or caretakers who lived there. All these facts are studied in great detail to fully understand these living monuments in historical context before it decides in which monument to invest.

The castles also are selected with consideration of different time periods in history so that guests enjoy a different experience at each one of the castles and chateaus. As a result, Younan Collection owns important properties with rich histories, located in areas with historical importance. Each castle has its own story to tell.

Once the selection made, the restoration begins. The brand invested considerable time, energy and resources to make sure it selects the right organizations to be in charge of refurbishment and design. This choice is an important guideline in building the foundation of the brand to ensure these monuments reflect their histories and create a full and realistic immersion for the future guests.

They now work with some of the most renowned architects and young designers in France today on renovations. Besides this collaboration, one of the castles has been the subject of a more important attention. Indeed, Château du Petit Chêne is a “Certified French Historical Monument,” and is part of the living history of France as identified by the Center of National Monuments.

The mission of the Center is to conserve, restore and maintain monuments and collections under the scientific and technical supervision of the Departments of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. The Younan Collection maintains a close working relationship with this group and the architects of French monuments to ensure all decor and renovations conform to the history and original intention of the castle.

History is the heartbeat of the Younan Collection. The passion is driven by the founder Zaya Younan, who is the pillar of all strategic choices, and has purposed to preserve the past and share the love of history with everyone.

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