Redefine the Château-Hôtel

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Forged at the crossroads of passion and history, the Younan Collection was founded to redefine what a Château-Hôtel is and to create a new category in the hotel trade through the execution of a unique brand concept.

This will be exemplified in every castle of the collection, where the term of Château-Hôtel goes beyond accommodations and hotel services, and delivers a luxurious experience in a restored castle. The founder, Mr. Zaya Younan, is redefining historical luxury so that each person may experience life in a castle. To reinforce his brand attractiveness and influence throughout the world, he is innovating at all levels, from the preservation of the past to the integration of 21st century sensibilities that create a new historical paradigm.

The restoration of the five Younan Collection castles has been orchestrated by using the best French designers and architects, to bring back to life those places. This refurbishment respects tradition with fabric, materials, colors and art that are luxurious and period appropriate.

Quality serves as a center piece of this new definition of a Château-Hôtel.  The group of castle hotels focuses on offering the best and most sought after experiences, with an attentive service staff, exquisite gastronomic food, luxury accommodations and of course an outstanding location in a timeless environment.

Moreover, the different castles in the Younan Collection have been selected strategically: they each cultivate their own uniqueness and are all from a period in history where France was one of the most influential kingdoms in the world. Their place in history represents a cornerstone of the brand.

All in all, the castles of the Younan Collection guarantee you a new and unique hospitality experience. More than just a visit, more than just a night, it is the opportunity to be enveloped by the splendor of these buildings and travel back in time to experience the life that royalty lived.

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