The Château de Beauvois bar lounge

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LES MAISONS : Le bar lounge du château de Beauvois

A long road lined with oak trees leads to an ageless stone château, witness to centuries of French history: here, hidden away, you’ll find a beautifully decorated bar lounge, filled with rugs and wall hangings. With a wide range of armagnacs and cognacs and a humidor, it offers guests a unique experience to be enjoyed in total discretion.


Late morning, after lunch or dinner or at the end of an evening: the Château de Beauvois bar lounge provides a sociable setting where time stands still, all under the watchful eyes of the historical figures whose paintings hang on the walls. Renaissance sofas and chairs, finely crafted pedestal tables, chandeliers and antique busts lie behind the glass doors, engraved with the Château’s coat of arms. The bar lounge’s ambiance makes it the perfect place for discreet discussions. Spirit drinkers will love choosing from the wide range of whiskies, armagnacs and cognacs behind the marble counter. Chivas Royal Salute 38 Year Old Whisky has notes of raisin, malt and dark chocolate, along with a beautifully spicy aftertaste. Each year’s vintage of the unique collection of Maison Darroze’s armagnac brandy, which is aged in oak barrels, has a distinctive character and flavor. Maison Delamain’s Extra Grande Champagne is a rare brandy presented in a beautiful bottle: with its amber and gold color, it has a beautifully intense fruity tone and a particularly long aftertaste. The bar lounge menu also has plenty of cocktails. From a classic kir royal to a delicious mojito, from an exotic pina colada to a colorful tequila sunrise, it’s a perfectly balanced combination of beautifully mixed drinks. On the terrace, guests can enjoy a chat with a drink and a cigar, including the superb El Septimo cigars, made from a unique blend of incredible tobaccos. The bar lounge has a range of cigars, listed by terroir, with vegetal, spicy, fruity and floral tastes, which create billowing clouds of smoke for evenings with a truly timeless feel.

THE PROPERTIES: The Château de Beauvois bar lounge

From a cappuccino and a home-made pâtisserie for a sweet afternoon snack to a cognac and an El Septimo Diamond Kolosso cigar from Costa Rica to round off a dinner, the Château de Beauvois bar lounge has a truly intimate atmosphere: the perfect surroundings, no matter what the occasion.

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