The Prieuré reopens : Refurbished rooms !

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Réouverture du Prieuré - Décoration des chambres

Treating guests to a warm welcome in a prestigious castle setting that epitomises the French way of life is our philosophy. The Château Le Prieuré has completed an extensive refurbishment programme to ensure that its guests enjoy an immersive stay in a high-end setting that bears all the hallmarks of refinement and sophistication. Adorned with wood panelling, wall coverings, crystal light fittings and Louis XV furniture, stepping foot inside one of the rooms is akin to embarking on a journey back in time to the Renaissance period, one of the most illustrious chapters in French history, and boasts the ultimate in refinement, offering an intimate insight into the lives of the French aristocracy.

Everyone deserves to spend a night in a castle. This firm belief has prompted the Château Le Prieuré to reopen its doors and lift the curtain on the new interior design gracing its rooms. The refurbishment programme includes the most beautiful fabrics, pastel colours, noble materials and works of art that create a stylishly regal effect. The wood panelling dovetails with the solid oak flooring embellished with attractive ornamented wool rugs. The wall coverings feature floral motifs and depict scenes from pastoral life, while the opulent velvet drapes cascade all the way down to the floor. Gold leaf has been used to accentuate the lines of the imposing marble fireplace in this room, while the statuettes seemingly dance across the varnished pedestal tables. The red velvet Louis XV porter’s armchairs are an invitation for private conversations during which you confide your innermost thoughts. The sweeping curved lines of the furniture in one of the other rooms bring depth to the plush pistachio-coloured carpet, flecked with sparkles of light from the crystal chandelier. Concealed behind the door, the cream four-poster bed blends seamlessly with the chromatic-styled tapestry, and the daylight streaming into the room harmonises with the light from the bedside lamps to bathe the room in a gentle inviting glow. Succumb to the divine charms of these rooms with their flamboyant Romantic-style decor and eye-catching views over the River Loire or the castle grounds.

Whether for an overnight stay or an extended stay, the rooms at the Château Le Prieuré offer a cosy setting with their soft cushions and plush fabrics, tastefully interspersed with paintings and works of art.

Regardless of the room category (Tradition, Luxury or Prestige), your senses will be transported by the melodious baroque-inspired decoration. Experence an unforgettable stay to be enjoyed again and again.

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