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Every brand is born from a desire to share emotions with people. Driven by his passion for history, the founder of La Grande Maison Younan Collection, Mr. Zaya Younan always has believed that everyone, from all walks of life, deserves to experience a night in a castle, treated like royalty.

This philosophy comes from personal the journey of Mr. Younan. Coming from a family of modest means, he has reached success in business and invested in historic properties in France, to play a role in restoring and preserving the past glory of these castles. He seeks to make his vision attainable to everyone so that couples and families alike may enjoy this exceptional luxury experience.

At the same time, he has chosen to restore these castles by marrying old-world craftsmanship with current luxury guide posts that honor and respect French heritage and culture.

This desire to preserved history is one of the most important values for the brand. Indeed, the restoration of the Younan Collection’s five castles has been undertaken with all due respect for tradition and the original grandeur and elegance of the properties. According to Mr. Younan : “The amount of time and energy it takes to find artworks, stones, fabrics and pieces that are time period appropriate is exhausting but it is also exhilarating and rewarding.” The generation to come will be able to experience and enjoy this important part of history.

Another value, dear to the Younan Collection is the dedication to excellence, from every angle. The service staff is attentive; the culinary team emphasizes locally-sourced ingredients; the renovated accommodations are faithful to time-honored standards of opulence… all providing immersion in an old-world luxury experience.

Take a step in one of the Younan collection property and you will be transported back in the time, in the respect of history and the sharing of love of the cradle of modern civilization that are the French castles in Poitou Charentes and Vallée de la Loire.

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