Portrait of chef Régis Guilpain

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In an establishment that houses his talent since 1989, Régis Guilpain has evolved and matured his culinary identity. At the Louis XIII, the gastronomic restaurant in Château de Beauvois, the “Maître cuisinier de France” is the ambassador of a products’ cooking, simple and delicious. Portrait of a committed Chef, at the service of taste and traditions.

Plates are generous and colored, as a perfect reflection of the personality of Chef Guilpain. With a smile on his lips, a kindly look and a frank word, Régis talks about cooking with a passion that doesn’t betray. He started as patissier assistant in the Castle of Beauvois after noted passages in beautiful establishments in Touraine, he learnt, grew up, did every task at every post in a restaurant of which he is today the memory. In Beauvois, Régis knew stars as second, next to Chef Laurent Siodeau, an enriching experience in which he draws to propose his own cooking since 2001. At the Louis XIII, he puts the product in center stage, making regularity his hobby horse to propose every day an authentic cooking, that pay homage to French and Touraine’s culinary heritage. Since 2008, Régis Guilpain is also member of “Maîtres cuisiniers de France”, an association that he holds values, encouraging training and transmission of the skills, including actions in schools to give children beautiful lessons of taste.

This desire to pass on and make shine his land, Régis transposes it in his plates. Sweetbread and veal kidney cooked in the “Beuchelle à la Tourangelle” way have a good local taste, mallard cooked in the frying pan and Pot-au-feu of scallop has comfortable flavor of authentic plates, while poached fig with vanilla and star anise are true fondant and perfumed candies, almost a spoon of honey. Cooking of excellence and majestic setting, Régis Guilpain holds all the cards to deliver à beautiful culinary score for an all flavored travel.

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