The Oratorien becomes Le Logis, a showcase of culinary expertise!

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Ever since its former life as a lodge providing food and shelter to weary pilgrims on their long trek to Santiago de Compostela, the Hôtel Saint-Martin has lost none of its desire to deliver the warmest welcome. With exquisitely comfortable rooms, high-end services and a superior restaurant showcasing French fine dining, the hotel knows how to receive and treat its guests in style. Nestling alongside the Sèvre Niortaise river, the Hôtel Saint-Martin offers guests a decidedly gourmet stay with a range of seasonal and local produce that are prepared and served to perfection in Le Logis restaurant .


The region clearly deserves its reputation for good food and warm hospitality. The sound of the waves lapping against the riverbanks and the soothing calm of the unspoiled natural surroundings are a strong temptation to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and savor the local treats. The scallop shells lining the walls of Le Logis’s dining room conjure up images of the hotel’s past as a refuge for pilgrims. Resplendent with a flower-motif carpet, sublime tableware and silverware, beautiful drapes and light fittings, paintings and majestic mirrors, the dining room harnesses the very essence of the French way of life.


The plates serve as a blank canvas for reflecting the bountiful seasonal produce and the elegance of the refined cuisine to thrill diners’ taste buds with spring‑inspired flavors. Peas are prised from the comfort of their pods to produce a refreshing, silky‑smooth gazpacho enhanced with a rich fresh goat’s cheese mousse. The crisp salads take diners on a journey through the farmyard with quail eggs, duck breasts and smoked chicken fillets. The starter menu gives guests a tantalizing choice between salmon and foie gras. For the main course, the pearl-white flesh of the wild sea bass brings a touch of spring to the plate, accompanied by mouth-watering green asparagus tips and wilted spinach. To satisfy the healthiest appetites, the rib steak is sure to impress with its home-made fries and generous serving of barbecue sauce. Laid temptingly over a perfectly moist potato pancake, the succulent cod loin and its beautiful spicy dream sauce will not fail to entice diners. When it comes to dessert time, the juicy ruby-red strawberries contrast with the unctuous whipped cream, while the chocolate dessert reserves a bitter yet sweet surprise in store with lime zest to awaken the palette. For a more traditional touch, look no further than the pain perdu-style brioche or Gariguette strawberry éclair.

Whether dining à la carte or choosing a set menu starting from €18, the Hôtel Saint-Martin delivers a warm welcome and culinary excellence at an affordable price. For an exceptional fine dining experience in an inviting setting that epitomizes the French way of life, take your seat in Le Logis.

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