Exploring the region and special offers for the October & November holidays !

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The first school holidays of the year are already here: the perfect opportunity to get away with your family. From the Loire Valley to the Poitevin marshlands, there are hundreds of unusual activities to enjoy as you explore the region. Let the Grande Maison Younan Collection tempt you with its special offers for a truly unforgettable family holiday.

There’s something for everyone, young and old alike! Fancy a getaway to the Loire Valley with the kids? There’s plenty to keep them busy near Tours, starting with just some of the local châteaux! The Château du Rivau, a beautiful fortress dating back to the Middle Ages with a moat and a drawbridge, offers a daily pumpkin sculpting workshop during the holidays, for children over 5. The brightly colored squashes will be transformed into hideous monsters, imaginary beasts and terrifying witches. For an even more historical feel, children are then invited to dress up as knights, princes and princesses before going to explore the castle, where the more adventurous can try their hand at fencing. At the Château de Chinon, the royal fortress is set to come alive with electroacoustic music: children aged 7 to 14 can make recordings to create their own compositions. Just a few kilometers away, the Parc des Expositions in Saumur will be hosting Bim Boum Parc, a playground and adventure course with slides and bouncy castles for children aged 2 to 12 years old. Next stop, Angers – or, more specifically, Espace Air Passion in Marcé for an immersive Playmobil® experience. From 2pm to 6pm until November 4, more than 5000 figurines will be staged in incredibly detailed scenes: a dream come true for fans of all ages. The Château d’Angers is opening its doors to the whole family: until October 30, visitors can find out more about the animals which once lived in its four walls and go on the hunt for the Château’s secret passages, mysterious places, gardens and tapestries of the Apocalypse. Any holiday to the Poitevin marshlands should include a trip to the medieval city of Niort and its infamous dragon. On Wednesday October 31 at 4pm, a guide will explain the legendary story of the dragon of Niort which still roams the city today. And while we’re on the subject, the Château de Coudray-Salbart in Echiré has a dragon too! On October 27 and 28, visitors will be greeted by an enormous puppet which breathes smoke and flaps its wings: a truly impressive sight! With themed entertainment, a conference on dragons, an exhibition on fantastic animals, archery and visits to the dragon nursery, everyone will be entertained!

Take advantage of these events to enjoy special offers on stays in the Grande Maison Younan Collection’s incredible properties where you can treat yourself to our chefs’ incredible cuisine. Whether it’s for a family break or a romantic getaway during the holidays in October and November, experience château life for yourself!



Château de Beauvois, near Tours

Château Le Prieuré, near Saumur

Château de la Perrière, near Angers

Hôtel Saint-Martin, near Niort

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