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Route des vins Val de Loire

In the heart of the Loire Valley, the castle-hotels of the Younan Collection are perfect for a stay during a wine tour. Between vineyards like Bourgueil, Saumur and Chinon, visitors will appreciate a stay that is synonymous with comfort and luxury, while discovering the different vineyards of the area.

Legend has it that it was Saint Martin who first planted grape vines in Touraine in the 4th century. These first rows are still said to exist above the Marmoutier abbey, right on the outskirts of Tours. The Touraine area welcome no fewer than a dozen of AOC wines: AOC is for “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée” (PDO Protected Designation of Origin), an official French designation which guarantees the area from which the wine has come and the method by which it has been made.

Red, white or rosé, like Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, Vouvray or Touraine noble Joué, sparkling or still, dry, semi-dry or sweet, tannic or more fruity… Touraine wines will delight you with their wide variety. These generous and authentic wines can be easily paired with different dishes thanks to their numerous personalities.

Beyond the quality of taste of the wines, Loire vineyards also are known for their beautiful landscapes. Whether they are located on a hillside or in the sandy soil of the alluvial plains, those vineyards will offer you stunning views and myriad photo opportunities.

Château de Beauvois offers an exceptional wine cellar, for all tastes and all occasions. Located underground in the former quarry used to supply the construction of the Château de Beauvois towers, wines are kept here at an ideal temperature and humidity. Today, this cellar has been transformed into a superb showcase of mahogany and gilded bronze… and can be viewed directly from the Louis XIII. Regional and grand cru wines meet in optimal conditions of conservation: including those of Saumur-Champigny, Bourgueil, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and champagne… Castle of “Le Prieuré”, close to Saumur, also provides a large selection of more than 100 wines from every region of France.

In one of the castle of the collection, accompany by a gastronomic dish, or visiting vineyards of the area, connoisseurs and beginners will enjoy a stay mixing wines discovery and history.

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