Château Le Prieuré

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Located six kilometers from the city of Saumur, the Prieuré castle sits strategically on a rocky outcrop. On the edge of a vast plateau holding one of the biggest archaeological sites in the region, the castle has seen four thousand years of history.

In ancient Roman times, it was an important outpost, welcoming an entire Gallo-Roman urban area with public buil­dings, a forum and a temple. From such a high position, its residents could control the river and watch over the flood plain, a typical fortified site that brings to memory the Gallic fortifi­cations as described by Julius Caesar in “The Gallic Wars”. In the first centuries, it stayed a strategic position, at the crossroads of important roads.

It’s only in the 11th century that the Benedictine monks built a church dedicated to St Peter and constituted a parish. In the 12th century, the Monks founded the priory, built on two levels opposite the Church of St Peter to house the priory and a few monks.

In the 16th century, the priory was exten­ded and transformed in the Renaissance style. This work led to the construction of a magnificent double gabled manor house decorated with an octagonal turret with an indoor spiral staircase.

In the 18th century came the French Revolutionary wars. On July 20, 1796, the priory house was sold as a national property.

Then in 1830, the Comte de l’Aubépin, owner of the priory, had a superb square tower built at one end of the property to make the priory resemble a castle. More recently, Comte Raymond de Castellane, the following owner, built huge terraces overlooking the region to restore the priory to its former majesty.

In 1953, the Priory belonged to the “Socié­tés immobilières et hôtelières du Prieuré” which were endeavoring to transform it into a hotel restaurant. In 1958, to im­prove profitabi­lity, René Traversac built 15 new guests rooms with the “Résidences du Parc”.

The château closed in 2014, and was acquired by La Grande Maison Younan Collection in the summer of 2016. Currently undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation, Le Prieure re-opening is planned for early 2017.

You will be invited to enjoy the amazing panoramic view on the Loire Valley but above all, guests will appreciate the unique environment that invites rest and relaxation enveloped by a new definition of luxury.

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