Castle weddings!

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Le Prieuré

Over the centuries, the castles in the Grande Maison Younan Collection have featured in some of the most illustrious chapters in French history. Epitomizing the very spirit of the French way of life, these luxurious residences are now opening their doors to provide the ultimate setting for all couples wishing to take their vows and pledge their undying love. When it comes to bringing a touch of magic and nobility to the happiest day of your life, the Château de Beauvois and Château Le Prieuré promise to deliver the wedding of your dreams.

Stride purposefully along the path winding its way into the estate, marvel at the French formal gardens and grounds, admire the statues and fountains, and gaze in awe at the calming landscape of the Loire Valley before feasting your eyes on the castle standing majestically in all its imperious beauty. Whether looking for a stylish reception or a sumptuous wedding, our castles can draw on their expertise to offer the warmest of welcomes and provide the ultimate showcase for the first day of your new life together.


All our newlyweds can count on the perfect combination of a mouth-wateringly refined cuisine, exquisitely comfortable rooms, elegant lounges and the gold standard in service. Just outside the city of Tours, the majestic Château de Beauvois has been dominating the Loire Valley since the 15th century. With its 35 rooms and suites, this four-star castle also boasts 100 acres of wooded grounds, a large function room that can accommodate 120 people and three smaller adjoining lounges that are available for private use. Working his culinary magic in the kitchen, Chef Régis Guilpain treats guests to a fine-dining experience packed with elegant flavors presented enticingly on the plate. Whether strolling through the grounds, posing for photos in the garden, savoring a meal fit for royalty or flocking to the dance floor, every instant is pervaded with the magic of the Château de Beauvois. The next day as the midday sun bathes the terrace in its warming glow, the colorful brunch buffet encourages guests to continue the experience of enjoying the finer things in life.


Just a few miles down the road near Saumur, newlyweds can start writing the first chapters in their new life together surrounded by the towering walls of the magnificent Château Le Prieuré. With its majestic architecture, wooded grounds, terrace with views over the Loire River and four-star rooms, the setting is a match made in heaven for celebrating the special occasion. Count on our chef to thrill your guests’ taste buds with a flavor-packed creative culinary style that prioritizes the local seasonal produce. With a spacious 120 m² lounge and a smaller 35 m² lounge, the function rooms with their opulent Empire style decor provide the ultimate in comfort and sophistication, imbued with the noble scent of history drifting over the Loire Valley.

A castle wedding, a magical venue and the beauty of the moment… nestling along the riverbanks of the Loire Valley, you have found the perfect setting for your special day. You can count on our team’s support to organize the ceremony that will truly satisfy your heart’s desire. Wishing every happiness to the married couple!


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