Brunch, a feature of the gourmet lifestyle

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Brunch - Château de Beauvois

If living well means eating well, then brunch must be one of Sunday’s main treats. To get the day off to an enjoyable start with your appetite fully satisfied, the Château de Beauvois‘ Head Chef lays on a seasonal buffet that promises a thousand and one flavours to prolong the infinite pleasures of sharing.

Salon Royal - Château de Beauvois

Two Sundays a month, from 11:30am, the doors of the “Royal” lounge open to reveal a sumptuous buffet, the intoxicating aromas of which fill the air. Sumptuous savoury dishes and desserts testify to the talents of the Head Chef Régis Guilpain when it comes to composing variations on a gourmet theme. With eyes and tastebuds titillated by the kaleidoscope of colours and the mouth-watering aromas, your appetite will be whetted in readiness for the spread. Viennese pastries, bread rolls and cereals with hot drinks and fruit juices are merely a prelude. They are followed by the scrambled eggs, which are unbeatable, as are the cold meats, pork crackling, ham and saucissons. The few steps between you and the buffet are all that separate land from sea, and the oysters and prawns await you along with smoked salmon and marinated salmon. Fresh fare, lavish creations, refined cuisine – brunch pulls out all the stops to tempt your fancy. Next comes a parade of crisp, colourful salads showcasing juicy grapefruit to go with the ripe avocados, and gorgeous red tomatoes with creamy mozzarella. Remain in Italy for a while longer with a melt-in-the-mouth Piémontaise salad, then take a spin through Lebanon with a tabbouleh made with fresh herbs and bulgur wheat. Then it is time to move on to the hot course, where tasty morsels await you in the form of verrines and Chef’s specials. Burgundy jambon persillé, venison paté, and pheasant and foie gras terrine are all redolent of the region’s rich flavours that reflect the finest tradition of French gastronomy. The hot dishes too are steeped in tradition: this succulent blanquette de veau, for instance, is made according to a classic recipe, accompanied by the perfect sauce. And a meal is never complete without cheese. The cheeseboard is a food lover’s dream come true, inviting you to take a Tour de France around the country’s specialities. Finally, to round off your brunch on a sweet note, it is time for the Pastry Chef’s treats. Irresistible fruit salads, rum babas and nougat, as well as chocolate in all its guises – mousse, crunchy or as chocolate biscuit bars, the best way to choose is to try them all!

The “Royal” lounge, opening out onto the terrace as soon as the windows are bathed in sunshine, provides the perfect setting for brunch at the Château de Beauvois, tempered by the seasons and the Chef’s inspiration, for a Sunday you will want to repeat again and again.

Brunch offer €45 including drinks. Next available dates:

  • 15 April: Musical brunch
  • 6 May
  • 3 June
  • 17 June
  • 9Septembe
  • 23 September


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